Dilmah Green Tea

Though I've enjoy green tea in hotels I stayed within Malaysia and Singapore, I did not drink the beverage regularly. It is all over in the internet that green tea may offer blood pressure and cholesterol benefits, and because of this reason, this pack is my third.

Green tea may also influence brain function and boost working memory. 

What is best is that this pack contain 20 sachets of pure green tea.

On this box, I read two important knowledge. One is about conservation. Dilmah Conservation is an extension of its social justice commitment. Dilmah Conservation recognise that environmental protection is integral to human welfare. The other is that Dilmah is the world's truly Ethical Tea, going beyond "Fair Trade" in that all packaging profits are retained in Sri Lanka and fund the MJF Charitable Foundation for the benefit of the workers, the community and the future of the industry.


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