Burden in his eyes

A friend broke a laboratory tool, and he could see the burden in his guardian’s eyes, when his teacher fined him at a discount price. This event fired my thought and inspired this blog post on the lives of the less privileged.

He began from zero. When he has only just enough for the moment through a fourteen-compressed-to-one year crashed on-the-job course for the operating daily use, he was left alone to serve a fresh leader. It was a 3-D high technology toy to him when he was forced to do a totally new task. It took about fourteen years for his peer to acquire abundance knowledge who is still stuck with some new problems as it crops up from time to time. This shows that the machine is very intricate. He did survive. People thought he would drown and move out of job. Each time, in his first 365 days, his eyes stared into that someone who asked him something he never knew. All knew there is burden in his eyes.

2013 is a Snake Year. Born a rat, what do you think a snake would do to rat ? He was plucked off from his capability he had fed even to the unexpected. Watchful like a rat to a double-headed snake, two heavy duties consumed his rat race of a pointless pursuit. The race began when the dragon was still around the year before. Paid for the routine, he doubled his speed for the unpaid. He took his retreat whenever he was called to provide counseling to his clients. The year of the Dragon was so vigor that he had three races with him. However, people see the burden in his eyes as he scrambled ahead to accomplish the day.

Written on Dumpling Festival
Mon 2nd June 2014
Horse Year.
to be continued
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