Beras Kunyit Kami Taburi

I like that. I attended a wedding reception on Sunday 1 June 2014 (bersamaan 3 Syaban 1435H) in Bukit Rambai district of the Heritage Melaka. The poem is very meaning indeed (bermakna) and it read like this ;

Beras Kunyit Kami Taburi, Air Mawar Direnjis Wangi,
Undangan Kami Setelus Hati,
Harap Sudi Datang Merai ke Majlis Kami,
Terima Kasih Dari Kami Dan Raja Sehari.

After meeting her cheerful father, I scooped much Arabic Rice onto my plate coupled with a piece of 
Chicken Rendang, some Daging Lembu Masak Lemak, a scoop of Acar and a piece of Nenas.
I washed my hand with the traditional Malay teapot of clean water. Eating with hand is best to enjoy such dishes.

After I finished my ‘makan’, her papa and mama asked me to go to see her daughter on the 1st floor of their double-story house.  Her mama accompanied me to her room where the beautician is in the making of the final touch up of their cosmetic dressed up. The beautician then crowned her with the traditional crown of the ‘permaisuri’ . The couple is the Raja and the Permaisuri Sehari.

A colorful wedding reception.
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