Attack Detergent Plus Softener

This is the first time I come across a powder detergent plus softener. Instead of doing two jobs each time I have to wash the clothing, this new formulated detergent make work simpler. 

All I need is only 1 spoonful for a full load of clothing and clothing after-wash emit a floral romance. The detergent removes tough stains, soften my clothing and provide a lingering fragrance even after drying under the sun.

Attack Detergent Plus Softener contains effective cleaning agents that can dissolve even the toughest stains for a completely clean wash. It leaves clothes with a refreshing floral fragrance that lasts from wash, and dry to wear. 

Attack Detergent Plus Softener is formulated with fabric softener to keep your clothes clean, soft and smooth in just 1 step. It also contains fiber smoothing essence which reduces wrinkles on clothes after drying to assist easy ironing. 

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