Melaka Duck Mee

Duck Mee is a favourite among Malaysians, Singaporeans, and people among the Asean region. In Melaka, there are many stalls selling duck mee. 

Among the notable ones, are the Loong Hiang Kopitiam on Admiral Zheng He Road and the other behind the Lim Tian Puan Restaurant on Pengkalan Rama Road.

To be able to serve the duck with delicious fragrance on your dining table is not easy for it takes special preparation so that the diners will return to the same stall.

If you've got to taste the mee yourself to believe the special duck taste, do try when you're in Melaka.

Today, even instant noodle producer, like Mamee provide duck mee on the shelves of hypermarkets.

Hmm, I like to have duck mee for breakfast. 
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