Lots Of Love

Born in 1966, Evelyn share the same birth date as Gary Roberts, North York, NHL left wing. Others on the same date includes Joan Collins or Lena Meyer-Landrut.

You miss none of their beauty and fragrance where the six white to greenish petals is relieved and enlivened by six lime green anthers in the throat of each of three trumpet. Whether you call them alstromeria or  Peruvian lilies, these beautiful long lasting flowers are sure to please a lucky recipient. Lilies are known to be the May birth flower. These white lilies is majestic and has the display of heavenly blessing of being with.

Accompanied with six pink roses, the bouquet symbolize the lasting grace and joy combine with innocence, playfulness and femininity associated with gentleness that come from a person who is thoughtful. Pink also represent gratitude.

Women love to receive flowers, especially on their birthday. The Victorians used to use flowers as a symbol to express their feelings. Surrounding the lilies and the pink roses, are everlasting love and festivity represented by the Baby’s Breadth.

Delivered to the Skynet office, surely Danielle’s love touches Evelyn’s.

Earlier this month, Danielle and Sandra has arranged a surprise dinner for her at the Casa del Rio. Celebrating birthday at Casa del Rio provide you fabulous and enjoying moment, for you would get a birthday cake followed by a birthday song sing by the staffs. 

Happy Birthday.
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