Jom Mai Minum Teh Tarik World Cup Fever

Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ola. Radio Televisyen Malaysia, is given the exclusive terrestrial broadcasting rights for the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, 2014. From May 23, security forces will start to patrol the streets with a 20,000-strong army of local and federal police officers and military troops reinforced with extra patrol cars, helicopters and patrol boats. The fever is on.

Attention would be diverted to the screens either on the wall or the screen on your cell phones. Some would prefer tablets or laptops. 

People get excited on every match. In hotels and cafes, there will be happy hours. Cars, motorbikes parked on the roadsides would be the style for a full month during the football season. The silver screen would be rolled down big enough for their customers. The chairs would be fully occupied and glasses of the tarik decorate the tables in all shapes. Even the tarikers of your cup of teh tarik will tarik and bubbles your beverage in styles with his eyes locked to the screen.

The number of MC would go up. Workers would punch card later. Spouses pay less attention to each other. Boyfriends seeing girlfriends less frequent, Students ponteng school. Beers flow faster. What else ?

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