Cook & Pour Series

  • 3 pcs junior set
  • 20cm pour frypan
  • 16 by 7.5 cm soucepan with glass cover
  • 20 by 13.5 cm casserole with glass cover 
The sets are made from 18/10 stainless steel from Germany. The inside is satin finish and the external mirror polish come with hollow handle and knob. It has a special glass lid with pouring rim and is suitable for induction cooker.

With the blending of advance technology and modern design, the Cook & Pour Series brings to me a range of cookware which in not only of superior quality but also adds to my cooking conveniences in my kitchen. Its unique pourspout and colander cover allows me to handle easy pouring, straining and helps to avoid spills.

The 3mm 3 ply encapsulated bottom has an aluminium core to ensure that the heat spreads evenly and thoroughly and this arrangement has made me to save time and gas energy as the food is cooked faster.

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