Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Regency, Kuala Lumpur

To pamper yourself a good meal without much city hassle, one could select this cafe with friends or family. To dine comfortably, one would prefer a cafe that is spacious and how the buffet sections are arranged. Food ranges from Japanese to Western and Chinese and much more.

Checkers is the theme you see the interior ambience of the cafe when you reach the 1st floor of the Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur.

A space comfortable to about 150 persons, you will always find something new to sample on your round tables. The wide spread selection of the food is an enhancer for appetite. Sushi lovers could try the makisushi and inari shushi.

The cafe is open daily from six in the morning till one the next morning and for certain, this all-day dining restaurant is set to cater for all walks of life.

This Father's Day, looking at your parents enjoying themselves is the best gift you could get at Checkers. While accompanying them, enjoy your customize ice-cream. Then, go for the assorted pastries and cookies.
Local delights like kuih koci or kuih lapis would go well with your afternoon hot tea and coffee. To add shrimp paste to your mixed fruits is another mouth-watering experience.
For Buffet Breakfast : You've four and a half hours, 6.00 am to 10.30 am daily.

For Buffet Lunch : You've two and a half hours, 12.00 noon to 2.30 pm, from Monday to Friday.

For Buffet Dinner : You've three and a half hours, 7.00 pm to 10.30 pm, from Monday to Sunday.

For Buffet High Tea : 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm, on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Please contac 03 2716 1000 ext 188 for reservations.

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