Braid Flat Horse Dance

This is a traditional dance, native to Java, Indonesia. There are different views on the origin of this dance. Many associated its origin with the "Wali Songo" who once lived in Jawa during the 15th century. In his efforts to expand Islamic teachings in the rural areas of Jawa, Wali Songo faced difficulties to get near to the people there. His desire to reach the rural folks inspire with the idea of dancing while riding a braided horse. To enable him to dance swiftly, he used woven bamboo stems decorated with animals skin and colorful paints rather than a real horse.

 Another belief is a legend about a horse by the name of Kuda Sembrani that came down to earth on Jawa to find his friend. When they found each other, both horses danced happily.

Based on beliefs, the Kuda Kepang Dance is an extraordinary dance and a special ceremony has to conducted before the dance begin. Otherwise, the unexpected would befall the dancers and or the spectators. The ceremony usually start by traditionally adoring of the spirit, followed by an incantation by the Bomoh guided by the traditional method of blessing the dance area measuring some 40 feet by 60 feet.

The Bomoh would also prepared servings like the coconuts (kelapa), rice (beras), ripe banana (pisang masak), strax benzoin (kemenyan), white cloth (kain putih), needle (jarum), thread (benang), white hen (ayam putih), eggs (telur) and assorted flowers for the ceremony.

The number of dancers can range from nine to fifteen and mostly performed by the males. A lead dancers would orchestrate the team in traditional costume.

The Kuda Kepang Dance or the Braid Horse Dance is normally presented in a open area or on stage. If you like to watch a live dance, please mark your calendar and visit Melaka next year.

The Kuda Kepang Dance was performed by traditional dancers within the Hang Tuah Village (Perkampungan Hang Tuah) in Duyong, Melaka on Saturday 10th May 2014. The dance is part of many events listed during The Festival Pendekar & Busana Tradisi Nusantara and His Honorable Datuk Wira Latiff Bin Datuk Hj. Tamby Chik announced that the colorful traditional festival will be hosted again in 2015.

The full 2 days festival really entertained the crowds and provide enough information to visitors. This is the first year, such heritage on a large scale is shared to the public and it is one of the remarkable improvements towards Melaka with the humble leadership of Datuk Wira Ir. Idris Haron as the State's Chief Minister.

ملاك ماجو جاي.
Melaka Maju Jaya

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