Vadai Melaka

Vadai is a favourite Hindu food among the local people in Melaka. The Chinese like it. The Malay like it. Vadai is also eaten by the Portuguese, Eurasian, Nepalese, Chitties, Baba Nyonya, Myanmese, and the list does not stop here.

You can find Vadai in Little India, Melaka. Little India is located along Jalan Bendahara, near to Jalan Temenggong, and Jalan Laksamana where Public Bank is anchored.

Beside Little India, you can also find Vadai in Pasar Malam. Pasar Malam is a night market that begin businesses in the late afternoon.

Vadai is nice to go with green chilly and a cup of hot coffee. The next time you come to Melaka, try the vadai in Pasar Malam. It taste exactly where the Southern India chef does.

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