Looking at Pulau Nangka, Lalang, Serimbun, Hantu and Pulau Besar

Melaka is a place rich with historical value. According to the Chinese navigators, Melaka is recognized as the Land Of Five Islands. There are five major islands in addition to smaller ones and that add up to not less than twelve.

Pulau Besar

This island is the largest of the twelve. It is located about 10km from the Melaka Port and about 4 km from the Anjung Batu jetty. In the past, visitors used the Umbai jetty to Pulau Besar but now they prefer to use the Anjung Batu Jetty.

For fishing, camping, fresh air and rejuvenation, this island is a great pick. The travelling time from Anjung Batu Jetty to Pulau Besar is not more than 30 minutes.

Pulau Besar is special and from any direction you look at it, you see a figure of a sleeping woman.

Pulau Hantu

This island is adjacent to Pulau Besar, and one could walk from Pulau Hantu to Pulau Besar when the sea-water retreat.

Pulau Serimbun

On the west of Pulau Besar, you can find Pulau Serimbun. There is no one on this island. During the Japanese Occupation, Pulau Serimbun was used by the Japanese soldiers to kill their enemies. According to the fishermen, Pulau Serimbun is a haunted island.

Pulau Lalang

A beautiful island, Pulau Lalang occupy the east of Pulau Besar. Like Pulau Serimbun, there is no one staying on Pulau Lalang because of lack of drinkable water.

Pulau Dodol

If you have heard of the famous Melaka’s Dodol dessert, then you would not be surprised that this island is named as Pulau Dodol. Again, this island has no occupant.

Pulau Nangka

Nangka is a Jackfruit. Jackfruit are known for having a distinct aroma. Culturally, jackfruit is one of the three auspicious fruits of Tamil Nadu, along with mango and banana. This island has the shape of a jackfruit or nangka and for this reason, it is called Pulau Nangka. There is a cave on Pulau Nangka. For a long long time ago, people are talking about Pulau Nangka magical charm. If a person could get to the cavern, he would see the another wonder of the world. Yet none has able to get to the cavern. Once, there was a group who claimed that they have seen, among other things, chests and chest of gold but they were not able to take it. Instead they came out dazed as paranormal obstacles prevented them from the ancient treasure. The cave is protected by the unknown. Pulau Nangka is just 4 km away from Pulau Besar and this rocky isle, is as about 20ha large.

Pulau Hanyut

This island is far into the big waves of the Straits Of Melaka.

Pulau Undan

It is named after a sea bird, Undan. Once, this island is the home to this birds. Much corals is seen around this island. It has a light house for the uses of vessels crossing the Straits Of Melaka.

Other smaller islands are Pulau Burung, Pulau Menatang, Pulau Jawa and Pulau Upeh.

After three days and three nights, Sultan Mansor ran away to Kelang where Tun Perak was the penghulu. It was when Hang Jebat was stabbed to death. Hang Jebat body was brought to Pulau Besar. When Sultan Mansor returned to Kota Melaka, he realized he was urged to get rid of Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat. Thus, Sultan Mansor decreed that Hang Jebat be buried on Kampung Kuli Road. However, the Jebat mausoleum is just a memorial and no body know the exact place of his burial ground.

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