Red Fort, New Delhi

The fort is built using the red sandstone and is octagonal on plan with the rampart surrounded by a moat originally connected with river Yamuna. This highly fortified citadel has two main gateways, the Lahori Gate on the west and the Delhi Gate or 'Hathi Gate' on the south.

Nadir Shah, the Persian invader plundered the city of Delho in A.D. 1739 and took away the prized booty including the Takht-i-Taus (Peacock Throne) with Kohinoor (world's largest diamond). In A.D. 1857 Bahadur Shah II was proclaimed Emperor by the freedom fighters. INA officers Shah Nawaz Khan, P.K. Sehgal and G.S. Dhilion were trailed in 1945-46. These are some of the imprints of history left on the Red Fort.

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