Malagas, Mulaqah, Amlaka and Melaka

A city of first order of importance declined steeply into a place with remnants of memories. Nicknamed as the " Sleepy Hollow " , she shedded after inscription as a Heritage City by the UNESCO. Her name could come from the words ; malagas, mulaqah, or amlaka. Because of a tree, she got her name and trade that flourished during the fourteenth century were spices, aromatics, drugs, jewels, gems, precious metals, costly trinkets, comestibles, textiles, pottery , etc. and further fortified with an embassy from China in 1403. At its founding, Melaka was closer to Java than to any Kingdoms on the mainland.

Influences like the Javanese, Japanese 1942-1945, Gujaratis, Chinese, Dutch 1641-1795, Portuguese, Hindus, Sikhs. Siamese, British 1795-1957, etc, is reflected by the heritage. Melaka has become the 'Brighton of the Chinese' ever since.

Like any other rivers on planet Earth, Sungai Melaka has become the timeline to reveal her unique beginning. Branded as the Venice of the East, the Sungai Melaka meanders down from the north through the 'kampungs' and 'sawah padi' and graces the heritage zone along the backs of shophouses to meet the sea that once catered to the resources of the world. Every parts of Sungai Melaka tell a story. To cruise from the estuary is to watch a relive of the origins along the nature-gifted 'Museum Sungai Melaka' The east bank of Sungai Melaka had been the administrative center of the old town in early times while the opposite bank of Sungai Melaka served the traders. Only after unboarding from the Melaka River Cruise and capturing the organic growth, you would engross with her unique Melakan architecture ambience that occurs nowhere else in Malaysia.

A product of circumstances and slow time, discover Sungai Melaka Timeline,

She keep abreast of Information Technology and these sorts though she does not let go of her heritage, traditions and customs.

Note : Tonight, there is a Majlis Penutupan Festival Jemputan Sungai Melaka beginning at 8.00 pm on Dataran Sungai Melaka, Banda Hilir.

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