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Lately, complainants are increasingly concern about the traffic snarl in Melaka and facebookers are asking people not to go to Melaka. Allowing traffic to flow into Jonker Walk is seen as a good move by the legislative assembly to ease traffic congestion in Melaka. Hurray, Jonker Walk is open to traffic from today, Friday 28 June 2013.

In the past, Jonker Walk only share her charms to pedestrians and was a forbidden place to automotive commuters. Jonker Walk is not closed but has instead begin to share her beauty to automotive commuters, in particular, buses load of tourists. On weekends, countless number of tourists have lost an opportunity to check-in on Jonker Walk because she forbade them. Malacca Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman, Chin Nam Yee highlighted to the public that Jonker Walk is the "backbone" for the tourism economy and for this single reason alone, traffic gradually become more and more congested over time. The narrow roads could not be widened. These roads have to remain narrow in order to preserve the heritage. The bottleneck itself is a challenge to search for great ideas to enable the heritage zones to accommodate massive in-flow of traffic all the times while the heritage remained intact.

The change is a positive event to everyone, if it is perceive as a continuous upgrading to the ecosystem of Jonker Walk. Though Jonker Walk is a heritage site, it doesn't mean that people has to remain pessimistic, or sticked to the old styles because the change is a good time to search for innovative methods and ways of conducting their activities. To improve it to change though all beginnings are tough but the toughs get goings. As for the small traders, their complacency in making a living just enough to make ends meet, is being disrupted because there is not enough five-foot ways and road shoulders to accommodate them. Trading space is reduced and the demand for space could pushes up the rental rates favorable to property owners. Some traders would close their businesses and if they could not find a replacement income, they would add to the number of social ills. For creative and innovative traders, it could be a window to greater businesses.

If one is to think about creativity and innovation, Jonker Walk begins to be re-engineered.

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