Rule 33 give me hope

Richard Templar’s rules

It is a routine Sunday. We get our groceries at the China Hill market. (In Melaka, China Hill means Bukit Cina). While the fishmonger, Ah Gu, prepares our Gelama fishes, we walked to the noodle stall for breakfast.

 The next thing in our list for the day is to perform our weekly visit to a very old lady who is staying alone by herself. We see her to show her we care.

House work represent the final thing in our list and  the work would cover from frontal gardening to hind kitchen cleaning, car wash to clothes wash, floor mopping to washroom cleaning, reading, blogging  about, and uploading video to malacca2u and other mix.

On alternate Sundays, shopping activities is added. Last Sunday, The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar is among the eight books picked up from a book store on the first floor of Aeon Bandaraya Jusco Melaka. I trust the book is helpful to my children while another book, Soupy Delicious is withdrawn from the shelf to guide me in the kitchen next time.

Since the Rules book is meant for my children and is better to practice from young, I thought it was a little late for me to use them. Because of such thinking, I began reading from Page V after two nights and noted Richard Templar’s email on Page XII. This bubble immediately float within my mind, “ Being knowledgeable enough, the author seek sharing other helpful ways readers may encounter. It clicks. This must be wisdom. ” I dream of sending him an email but when and on what.

Poke by the syndrome of near retirement age, I only managed to finish Rule 19 on Page 41 over five nights after dinner. Unable to deny, the writer’s wisdom keep knocking and I’ve to re-prioritize this Sunday duties and tell myself that reading the Rules is the next thing to do after visiting the old lady.

Rules 33 give me hope. Old useless is a recent regular mental visitor as my boss make me to start anew in nesting work after I kindly told him far before due that one day I would retire from inputs planning job.

Richard Templar tell me that I can read an example of deal making at and I make sure I visit Kyle MacDonald’s blog this evening. I did. Both these men inspired me. I am following Kyle MacDonald’s twitter and I’ll thank the writer in an email for making the second edition available.

Reading all the 107 Rules is a best gift to me.

This is the book.

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