Hapus Aedes, Cegah Denggi

Destroy Aedes, Prevent Dengue

  1. Cover all water containers such as pails, urns, or drums tightly or add larvicide to them.
  2. Change the water in flower vases every week.
  3. Remove the water and clean the flower pot trays weekly.
  4. Check roof gutters weekly and clear leaves or other debris that block the water flow.
  5. Clean the surrounding area of your house. Throw all containers which can collect water such as empty cans and bottles into plastic bags and place them into the appropriate bins.

Dengue fever is a dangerous communicable disease caused by the Dengue virus. The virus is spread by Aedes mosquito. Currently, there is no specific treatment for this disease. Therefore prevention is very important.

The Aedes mosquito is easily recognized by the black and white stripes on its body and legs. It usually bites in the early morning and late evening. It breeds in clear, stagnant water inside and outside the house. The life cycle of the Aedes mosquito from egg stage till adult stage is one week. Beware ! Breeding Aedes mosquitoes is an offence under the Destruction of Disease Bearing Insect Act, 1975. You and your family should act now to destroy Aedes and prevent dengue.

The signs and symptons of dengue fever are as follows – sudden onset of high fever, rashes or red spot on the skin, aches in the boses, musclces, joints, eye ball and head, bleeding in the body, nose and mouth, loss of appetite, vomiting and pain in the abdomen.

Source: Unit Pendidikan Kesihatan, Jabatan Kesihatan Pendidikan Melaka.

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