Crispy Walnut Cake

During the early 19th century, the Low family is a famous confectionary in Guangdong province, China. The volatile political situation forces the Low family to abandon their business and leave their native country. They moved to the then Malaya and settled down in Malacca. With their background and knowledge in confection, they started their confection business to earn their living in Malacca.

In 1978, Low’s second generation, Mr. Low Fu Seng incorporated the “Mei Zhong Yuan” Confectionery company.  With the hard work of Mr. Low, the business grows well and earns a good reputation in the market. In 1986, Mr. Low’s youngest son, Mr. Low Kim Piow departed to Taiwan to study western pastry and baking. When he return to Malacca, the junior Low helps Mei Zhong Yuan confectionery to transform their traditional business into a modern pastry business.

“Mei Zhong Yuan” moon cake and lotus yolk puff is a unique product which combine with taste of the east and the baking technique from the west. The fresh ingredients and good taste made the product to become the customer’s priority choice, and thus the production increase tremendously from year to year.

In the year 2009, “Mei Zhong Yuan”, set up their flagship store at Melaka’s heritage zone, namely, the Jonker Walk. In the same year, the lotus yolk puff become the hot cake product during the moon cake festival, and the sales of the puff is now above 100,000 pieces.

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