I bought this Planta this morning and it is a 4.8 kg pack. I told Danielle and Sandra that you gals are taking Vitalite with bread and before their time, bread usually goes with Planta. Planta is mostly used in roti canai, chicken rice and roadside burgers.

Planta is widely used in making cakes, pastries and desserts. This RM41.50 packed Planta will be used next week for making pineapples tarts. We'll have nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch ~ I don't know yet. All I know is that it will be a whole day "chopping" out the pineapples tarts crusts. I have been doing this task for years. It is like in the production line, you just keep stamping the crusts out from the mold non-stop from 8 to 5. Plant will be used when I find that the dough is beginning to show signs of rubble with the dry atmosphere. I will make sure that I do not knead too much as I shape the dough into a ball before I rolled it even and flat with a wood-roller. We do it the Melaka's Peranakan Style or if you prefer, the Nyonya Style.

Danielle and Sandra would put the peeled, cored and shredded pineapple onto the crusts with two other gals. Another two gals would decorate with criss-cross strips of pastry over the pineapple jam and extending it slightly onto the pastry shell. Then they brushes the top of the pastry with beaten eggs.

When the production is over, platters and platters of pineapples tarts queue for the oven. The oven work will take another woman's time till midnight.

Prosperity blossoms when you begin to prepare to usher the Year of the Snake 2013.

Gong Xi Fa Cai. 

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