The Tengkera Mosque

It is believed that this mosque was built in 1780 AC or equivalent to 1226 Hijrah as the year is stated at the entrance gate of the mosque. It was built to replace the existing mosque, which was built in 1728 where only the tower was left (the tower is situated at the left side of the road). As the oldest mosque in Malacca, it has been declared as a historical building under Antiquity Act 1976. It was the main mosque in Malacca before a new mosque at Bukit Palah was built.

The Tranquerah Mosque was design in square-shape with three levels of roofs; the balcony, the second roof and the top roof. The dome was made from carved sea stones. The praying hall was divided into balcony and main praying hall. The wall was made from marble. The balconies and praying hall’s floor were made from marble and granite. The mosque’s design is a combination of the Malays, the Chinese and the Indonesian arts. It can be seen from the architecture of the roofs, the pagoda and also a unique and attractive entrance gate.

An amazing mosque.


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