She love again
She has a Doctor-husband and she love his calm nature plus enjoying each leaning against his broad shoulders. 5 years of courtship and 2 years into marriage have make her getting tired of it. The reasons for her to loving him before has changed into the causes of all her restlessness. She is a sentimental lady and is sensitive to feelings. Even after 7 years of being close to him and a cute girl of 8 months, she yearn for romantic moments while her husband is a complete opposite. His calmness ruled his sensitivity and that projected his inability to create romantic moments into their marriage. Such relationship disheartened her and she finally decided to divorce him.
Shocking, he asked her "Why ?" She replied, "I'm tired and there are no reasons for everything !" He became still and engrossed in long deep thoughts with their marriage photo in his hand at all times. She felt more disappointed when he kept silent for she thought he couldn't express himself even at the moment of predicament. After hours of thinking, he asked her, "What can I do to change your mind ?" Staring deeply into his eyes she answered, "If you can convince my feelings, I will change. Let's say that I want a pair of pumps in the middle of a fierce battle, with non-stop bombing occurring, and for sure you will die, will you do that for me ?" She expected an immediate answer. He is a thinker and didn't give her one there and then but told her, "I'll answer you in hours" Her heart sank and it was after midnight.

When she woke up in the morning, she saw a piece of sticky-note by her pillow. She read, "The reasons for not picking up the pair of shoes for you is love for you" This line broke her heart. She continued reading, "When you laptop got mess up, I zoom in to clean them and put things in proper with my fingers. I've got to save the fingers for you" "You love driving but lose your way in city, and I've to show your the way. I've to save my eyes for showing your the way" "Dear, unless you've someone who care more about you than me, I couldn't pick that pair of shoes" Her tears fell on the note and blurred the ink. "Please open the door and I'm standing with a pair of new shoes I've got from the boutique" She rushed to the door, and saw him holding the shoes box plus her favorite breakfast. That's love. True love. When she was showered with love from many directions, the feeling of excitement fades away, until she tends to ignore the true love that lies in between peace and dullness.

In enjoying love, let's not ignore the dull.

A book about love is True Love (and Other Lies) by Whitney Gaskell. (when fate turns out to be a fickle friend ...)

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