Voters and Election

You and your friends decided to have a reunion and spend an afternoon together. You might have a choice of places for the reunion. A restaurant, a café, a club, a lounge or perhaps the school hall. Most likey, not all of you would agree on the place selected and also how much money each one has to fork out for the event. One way of deciding is to see how many friends want to agree on the selected place for the reunion and to agree on the amount of money one has to spend. This is called voting.

Counting the majority votes is a fair way to make a decision for the group because everyone is free to vote for what he thinks best. A democratic country has a representative government elected by the people for voted for them.

Before,E lection Day, voters register their names with the electorial board. Beside supervising all voting polls, the electorial board, make sure the people who vote are entitled to cast the voting paper, and the voters are prevented from casting their votes more than once. A permanent registration of a person means that once that person has registered, he need not register again so long as he lives in the same place.

On Election Day, temporary polls are set up in schools or civic centres. Polling is conducted from morning until late afternoon and workers are allowed time from work to vote. When a voter goes to the poll closest to his home, his name is checked with the list of registered voters. His name is read out aloud. With the given ballot paper, he takes it to a private booth and marks an “X” in a drawn box next to the candidate. The voter then fold the ballot paper and dropped it into a ballot box.

Counting begins and continues until all the votes are counted after the polls closed on Election Day. Representatives from the political parties of the candidates would watch during the counting, to see that no mistakes are made. Election results are carried live through the radio stations, the television stations, in the live-streaming video on the web as well as the newspaper in the next day.

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