Road Safety Tools

Traffic Cones are used for road safety purpose. Its reflective bands enhanced visibility and the heavy durable black rubber base offer greater stability in high traffic area. The retractable ones are ideal for putting in the boot of a car or under the seat in emergency work.

Traffic Batons are used for directing road users and the bright warning light improve visibility at night.

Road Studs are useful at road junctions. They are also useful to highlight dividing lines especially road at sharp bends. Road studs can warn road users along strips with ravine on the edges. The Ceramic Road Stud shines excellently under bright sunlight and at night while the Solar Road Stud glow in the dark.

T-top Delineated Post, Traffic Post, Flexible Pole; are good to attract road users' attention who are travelling at high speed. They are flexible when run-down and erect again thereafter.

Convex mirror ease visibility of road users in "hidden lanes" and serves well in merchandise areas too.

Road Safety Tools - an essential of today's roads.
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