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Because of the bed. Early civilizations, primitive man gathers piles of leaves or skins when they go to bed. Beds in the past of the Middle Ages and beyond, are highly decorated. A good example of highly decorated bed can be found in the heritage zone of Melaka. Bring your cybershot camera to streets like Jonker Walk, Heeren Street or First Cross Street to catch one.

Although simple beds were made in the 18th century and have became the forerunners of the 20th century beds, many Malaccans were still using the kekabu mattress with highly decorated beds then. Kekabu is obtained from the fruits of the tree species C. pentandra. If I could show but I couldn’t, I didn’t photographed the highly decorative bed which I have helped to dismantle and pack for shipment to the United States. Its dismantled parts, big and small, of many shapes, sizes, colors and of different materials, counted to nearly a thousand pieces. They have to be delicately and gently re-polished to get them shine again. To buy one is a dream.

Zheng He’s armada did transfer some kind of know-how on bed-making among the many arts of living like building houses and excetera to his crew who stayed behind  to serve the Imperial Princes from China and who later married the Malaccans. Visit the Zheng He Museum in Melaka, visit the Zheng He Well in Melaka and last but not least, see his sculpture at the foot of Saint Paul’s hill.

While ancient Melaka saw the use of highly decorative beds, the people in the West also made many such beds. There were great curtained bed of the period of Charles II, the State Bed of Napoleon I, the great bed ware of Queen Elizabeth.

On top of the bed, bedding sets play the final comfort after the mattress to provide a good night sleep. I saw someone bought the bedding sets yesterday at the Jusco Store in Melaka. She bought the Finnese Hotel Collection of 100 % finest cotton sateen with 500 thread count plus the Hugo Collection of 100 % cotton with 650 thread count. They come in colors of white, yarm, nuts and coffee.

A Queen Fitted Sheet Set comprising of 1 fitted sheet at 153 cm x 190 cm, 2 pillow cases, 1 bolster case and a quilt cover is sold at 70 % less from the price of Ringgit Malaysia $1,490 for the 1st set and 90 % less for the 2nd set. Exclusive for 2 days only, it was a good buy.

 A favourite bedding sets, Madison & Co nyc.
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