I am aware that the first choice in choosing a language to blog is English. When I first started to blog, it was 2009. In the first Blog, I started from sratch. I know nothing. After an old friend reunion, there was suggestion that we search for a place of permanent reference for us irrespective of where we are. The place is here. In the old friend group, there are many races from many walk of lifes. Portuguese, Chinese, Shanghainese, Melayu, Indians, Eurasians, Peranakan, one or two Americans, for all I could remember. Then, I blog with not only English but also with Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages. From time to time, during publishing blog post, system pop-ups encourages me to blog in English. Now, I understand the reason for blogging in English. The main ‘server’ of the internet (international networking, I supposed) is functioning on English command. It has to be like that for it to serve the international community. Like that, the English ‘spiders’ could crawl English sites well and feeds the main ‘server’. On internet’s spiders, I won’t forget this remark. It is the most beauty remark I have ever read. “A spider has got into my keyboard but don’t worry, I’ve it under my Control-key.” said Prince William. In order to use the international facilities of the internet, I leave the first Blog as it is and I began this blog in May 2011.

We, the old friends, learned the British’s English. To-date, I hear no compliant.

Our alumni is richly functioning with active participation of former students, juniors and seniors who were also good in English. But then, many past students have spent less than 10 % of their time on English for a long time and one ponder is, “Would the alumni function similarly and if not, better, in future ?”

This year and last, two among other issues have been fiercely promoted. One is the environmental-friendly actions. The other is on giving back to the society.

The givings differ; some of the givers are Scott Neeson (Australia), Wang Shi (China), Majorie Yang (Hong Kong), Asit Koticha (India), Low Tuck Kwong (Indonesia), Ryo Ishikawa (Japan),  Quek Leng Chan (Malaysia), Mercedes Zobel (Philippines), Della Lee (Singapore), Pak Chan-Ho (South Korea), Chang Yung-Fa (Taiwan), Chanin Vongkusolkit (Thailand) and …


Among them, one thanked and reckoned the success to his mastery of the English language. He is Vincent Tan. A Malaysian, he said English Language is the language of the global economy and young Malaysians have to be fluent in English to take charge of the new world. His observation is the same as the government ministers. To educate the use of English Language needs time. To apply English Language also needs time. The educationists attempted to reverse the deterioration in 2003 to teach mathematics and science using English. By 6 years, the enthusiasm in English Language might just only at the beginning stage. Let’s call it, the germinating stage. In 2009, the use was scrapped. There was a lack of English Language fluent teachers. Well, for the young to take charge of the new world is still far away, but the lagging behind in international lobbying forums is worrying.

“Don’t worry, my daddy didn’t learn English Language at all, and he is so successful.”, one kid exclaimed. Another kid of another place repeated the same conception at other time. Both kids doesn’t know each other. Is that worrying ?

A young German high-profile executive, briefed, “I just don’t read what is written, I want to see what is written. I want to see what is on the floor.” His remark emphasized that English Language alone is not enough but applying English Language to work is the only choice.

Blog in English.

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