The King's Well is also know as the Hang Li Poh's Well. Sultan Mansur Syah 1458 - 1477 ordered the well to be dug for the exclusive use of his wife, Hang Li Poh, who came from China.

The water was used for their daily needs and, surprisingly, the well never dried up, even in the severest droughts. According to folklore, whosoever drink from the well will return to Melaka.

In 1511, Johore warriors poisoned the well, killing many Portuguese who drank the water from the well. In 1606, the Dutch committed the same act and the Acehnese followed suit between 1628 and 1629. Their intention were to covertly kill off their enemies. 

When the Dutch realised the importance of the well, they built a wall, resembling a small fort, complete with cannons and a guard-house to safe-guard it. However, during the British occupation, the well fell into disuse and the guard-house became dilipated.

Admiral Zheng He, headed the armada and sailed to Malaya in the 15th century with his fleet consisted of 307 large and small ships and carried almost 30,000 men. The fleet stopped in Java, Melaka and Vietnam. 

In 1459, Princess Hang Li Poh, was sent by the Emperor of Ming to marry Sultan Mansur Shah. 

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