The Bodhi Tree ~ Seck Kia Eenh

"Bodhi" means Enlightenment, thus Bodhi tree mean the Tree of Enlightenment.

It was beneath a similar tree scientifically known as 'ficus religiosa' that the Buddha attained Enlightenment more than 25 centuries ago.

In the year 1956, Venerable M.M. Mahaweera Thera presented a Bodhi Sapling to the temple.

The sapling brought from Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka is believed to be historically linked to the lineage of the original Bodhi tree which our Noble Master sat under and attained Buddhahood.

The Sacred Bodhi Sapling being planted by Mr. Yeo Joay Tee, J.P. on the 5th September 1956 (1st day of the 8th Chinese Moon), in the presence of Venerable A. Jinarakkita (Indonesia) and others.

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