Beauty of the Mongol

The Mongols are highly skilled silversmiths. In inner Mongolia, married women used silver stones as headdresses as a badge that they are no longer single.

Horsemen and camel drivers travels across the sparsely country.

Modelled after the monasteries of Tibet, Mongol Buddhists has the Great Lamasery.

Nomadic tribes once wandered on the vast pasture land of Kazakhstan near to the Altai Mountains. Inhabitants of the Altai Mountain Range are skilled at weaving wool into felt and rugs. On the open range of Mongolia are found small, wandering herds of the only truly wild horses. The ponies that rove the Mongolian plains are sturdy animals that can race with excellent speed and it was such steeds that carried the dread hordes of Genghis Khan.

In the thirteenth century, Genghis Khan led an army which penetrated the Great Wall, ravaging the Chinese provinces and conquered most of Inner Asia.
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