Root is the part of the lower extremity of the main stem in plants and trees. Root begin from the seed as a singular root and thereafter descends and becomes the primary root. Root anchors the plant in the ground, and absorbs from the soil water containing mineral salts. A strong and tall tree that defy all seasons display its stability. 
The root-cap which is a sheath of cells protect the growing point from injury as it journey through the soil. Root is both geotropic and and hydrotropic. At times, turning towards the moisture in the soil, the course is straight down generally. A larger and larger radius of the soil may be penetrated by the root system as they branches laterally. Root grows around obstacles that checks them and continue its formal duty.

Like a financial investment that requires a financial analyst, an Arborist apply the science to ensure your green investment get greener.

While in plants, roots parasites are compliment to the other plant, grass-roots "parasites" of systems, or parties or organization or community; could not compliment the ultimate goal of that unit. Greed, may be the word.

Like a stable tree that brave the storm, a stable economy shall brave a depression. Earlier, news of corporate fiascos are common, though worrying but not as massive as the current sovereign-debt crisis. In a two year period from 2009 to 2011, the long-term interest rates of Greece has shot to almost 30% from below 6%, Portugal to above 12% and Ireland to above 6%. It was determined that a yield of 6% or more invites serious doubts on the credit-worthiness. Fortunately, Ireland corrected the course after mid-2011 while Portugal corrected the course early this year.

Yanis Varoufakis who heads the Department of Economic Policy at the University of Athens, analysed Greece economically and politically. Watch this YouTube.

Asia is not immune to the prolonged uncertainty of the developed world, although the region had proven to be resilient.
Will Europe's continuing debt crisis hit Asia ?

Interest Rates, Balance of Trade, Business Confidence, Inflation Rate, Consumer Confidence, Job Market, Home Prices, Stock Prices, Wages ...are fundamental root indicators to economic stability.
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