In many places where warnings are needed, it would be sheer folly to try to build a lighthouse,  so lightships are used instead. Lighthouses built on land often have comfortable houses for the keepers and their families, but rock towers seldom have room for much luxury.

Wrecks have often occurred because of mistaking one lighthouse for another. To prevent such disasters each tower is identified in a number of ways; by its light, its fog signal, its colour, or shapes ... The colour of a lighthouse is chosen to make it stand out clearly against its background.

During fog, foghorns are employed and they are identified by the number of blasts and by the silences in between. Meanwhile, bell buoys are used to responds to the motion of the waves.

Those were old facilities and now we have radar ...

Tanjung Tuan was chosen by the Portuguese when they wanted to build a lighthouse to guide their ships after they conquered Malacca in 1511. The Portuguese, then named Tanjung Tuan as Cape Rachado.
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