" huat ah ! huat ah ! huat ! " , the common wishes at all round tables for 15 days when the Chinese New Year is ushered in.

The traditional Yee Sang is available with jelly fish, bachi tuna and smoked salmon with fresh lemon.

" huat ah ! " signify the welcoming of prosperity and the invitation of the God of Wealth into the homes.

Each with a pair of chopsticks and as they throw their wishes, they grip the raw ingredients from the plate to toss them high above before making another toss.

Each toss resemble a wish fulfilled.

The wishes could be any and different at different tables. Examples of such wishes are; " may you met your right girl ", " may you pass your examination ", " may you gain great fortune ", " may you get your dream career " and so forth.

Here, Chef Wong demonstrates how to prepare Yee Sang at the Swiss-Garden Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Source : thestaronline.

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