The seeking of wealth is a traditional practice and is done with the 'True Gods of Wealth' , 'Secondary Gods of Wealth' , 'Occasional Gods of Wealth' and 'Gods of Trade'. Some of the Chinese Gods of Wealth were real historical figures while secondary Gods of Wealth were usually legendary figures. Occasional Gods of Wealth take the share of the wealth-bestowing role but the Gods of Trade are the great masters of trades and businessmen pray to ask for protection and fortune.

These two heritage dragons are guarding the Temple of Wealth and they are really dynamic if you watch them carefully in this YouTube.

Here are some of the Chinese Gods of Wealth. Guiguzi, Hua Tuo, Bai Wuchang, Lu Ban, Lu Yu, Liu Hai, Luo Zu, Wan Hui, Meng Tian, Shennong, Hanshan, Yi Di, Bi Gan, Fan Li, Guan Yu and Du Kang. Fan Li, for example, was a real historical figure who once led his country to prosperity. Fan Li's principles of business success is a treasure trove for businessmen who worship him as God of Wealth.
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