High Protein Drink in Malacca

Whenever you are at the heritage site, the Hang Li Poh's dwelling and the foothill Bukit Cina, don't forget to get a glass of fresh homemade soybean.

Native of eastern Asia, the soybean, is one of the oldest crops known to man. Much earlier in time and before 1400, when Princess Hang Li Poh arrived in Malacca from China, soybean was first recorded in a Chinese book on medicine written in 2838 B.C.

The Chinese have used the soybean in place of milk and meat, since they do have these foods in abundance in ancient times. My father had experienced meat ration in the early 1900s in China.

Soybean is of high protein content, ranging from 35 to 40 percent protein and from 18 to 20 percent oil while it contains very little carbohyrates. Soybeans contain one and one-half times as much protein as the same weight of cheese, green peas, and twice as much protein as eggs and eleven times as much protein as milk.

Let's watch a YouTube Channel by Chan Koon Cheng of Malacca.

Today, the soybean is regarded as one of the world's most valuable food plants.

Soybean for Christmas ?
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