Have you ever send a telegram ?

Do you want to send a christmas greetings by telegram to a friend in faraway Australia ? Or invite your relatives, who lives only a few kilometres away, to visit you on christmas eve ? That was the wonders of the communications about five decades ago where one telegram is as easy to send as the other.

Before giving your message to the person at the telegraph office, you have to write your message on a form. A more convenient method is to read your message in a telephone call, in which case the cost of sending the telegram will be charged to your telephone bill.

Your message will be delivered by a messenger instantly after it reaches the town to which it has been sent. I had personally sent telegraphic messages several times via the telegraph counter of the Central Post Office located at the Dutch Square, Malacca, while the last telegram delivered to my home by a motor rider was in 1988.

Today, the E-mail displaces telegraphy and a final telegram was sent from the National Liberty Ship Memorial, the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, in San Francisco Bay to President Bill Clinton in the White House on Monday 12 July 1999.
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