Strong Determination

Feudal lords from various places rose against the Qin Court towards the end of the Qin Dynasty. Xiang Liang became proud and complacent after defeating many opponents in many battles. He was defeated and killed by Zhang Han later and even the Julu Town was besieged.

Then, Xiang Yu sent twenty thousand soldiers to rescue Julu Town.  It was difficult at the beginning to make a rescue but with reinforcement, Xiang Yu led more soldiers across the Huanghe River. Having done that, Xiang Yu ordered to have all boats sunk, cooking wares smashed up, and houses on the river bank destroyed. This action leave the army with three days rations and they had got to win or die.

After nine fierce battles, the Chu soldiers managed to defeat the Qin soldiers. News spread, and Xiang Yu became the leader of the feudal lords in revolt against Qin. 200,000 Qin soldiers with their general, Zhang Han were defeated.

To do something with strong determination inspite of difficulties and sacrifices is summarized as "To smash the cooking pots and sink the boats" in Chinese proverb.
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