All I want is a white Christmas. Head to these Asian destinations this christmas and take time to enjoy the skiing fun at these places:
  • Nanshan Ski Village, Beijing.
  • Deamyung Vivaldi Park, South Korea.
  • Gulmarg, India.
  • Gala Yuzawa, Japan.
Nanshan Ski Village, Beijing. Drive through JingCheng Expressway, and after an hour and two minutes from Wanghe Bridge in Beijing, you will reach Miyun County. This ski village boasts eight trails with more than 5,000 sets of skiing equipment. Admist plenty of white, enjoy some of the best black coffee and experience a romantic Christmas at the Shirton Villas near the Rimbaud Pond.

Deamyung Vivaldi Park, South Korea. Beautiful white landscape make your Christmas holidays great because the 13 slopes of quality snow let you skiing day and night. The Deamyung Vivaldi Park is know for its quality so much so that it has become a venue for professional competitions. While you are skiing, your spouse can spend her time at the hair salon, swimming pool or sauna and your children can get serious at the Study Room or Play Room. Kimchi will appear on your christmas dinner table with the selection of a variety of restaurants.

Gulmarg, India. A shoulder of nearby Afarwat Peak, Gulmarg Gondola ferries almost a thousand people an hour to and from Kongdoori Mountain with the two-stage ropeway. This Asia's highest and longest cable car project offers skiers an incredible Christmas excitment of white snow with a 4429 feet of vertical descent. "Kashmir ! Here I come for Christmas." when you landed this seasons. Gulmarg is a resort which kings like Yousuf Shah Chak and Jahangir used to visit regularly. Treat yourself kingly this Christmas.

Gala Yazawa, Japan. Gala Yazawa is a destination for everybody. Bullet yourself to Gala Yazawa from Tokyo station and this is stress-free. Gala Yuzawa is ideal for a day ski trip and that is enough to test your the sturdiest of your knees with great jumps if your are looking for a thrilling unforgetable Christmas. You may be eating shushi near the ticketing or ski rental counter but that doesn't mean you have to speak Japanese. Don't worry, there are western staff and English-speaking ski instructors to serve you. Merry Christmas.

Did you remember the last time you opened a gift for Christmas that made you say, "Oh ! How did you know ? That's exactly what I wanted for Christmas !"

Surprise you loved ones and pamper them for Christmas is White in Asia.
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