Bed Language

Bed language that lead to sex can change a terrible day into a nice day and bring people together. While women language under the sheets has been written, what men wish is seldom talk about. There are things that men secretly wish women knew about what they like in bed.

Firstly, the point after orgasm is called the refractory period when a guy cannot get it up again immediately until half an hour to hours later. Men are turned on by the things they see and when the women take charge, the bedroom become beautiful. Dressing with curves spark romance better since a corset top and a voluminous skirt are a marriage made in heaven.

Smile ! It makes you gorgeous. A va-va-voom body shape and a solid cleavage in a delightfully kinky leather thong can stimulate the mood on bed. It is a myth that men want sex all the time and your whisper may not get him on the top.

Exploring is more fun with attention on ears, neck, chest and nipples and the reaction is helping her reach orgasm. The scent is enough to get him see her on the throes of pleasure and it is important that she used the perfect perfume for the day.
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