Wizard of Menlo Park

He was born in February, 1847, in the little village of Milan, Ohio.

His parents were poor because his father did not keep to a settled occupation.

He had not learned, however, that it is wise for a man with a versatile mind to find out how to do one thing thoroughly before he turns to another. He was a quiet, thoughtful little boy, but inquisitive and always wanting to know how things were done. He attended school only when he was a big child.

His teacher thought he was stupid. But then, he read the Fall of the Roman Empire and the History of England at the age of 10. How many kids today study an encyclopedia today ? He did.

At 12, he became a newsboy on the train. At 16, he worked at telegraphy and arrived New York penniless at 22. After selling his telegraph inventions and giving up his factory, he set up a laboratory at Menlo Park.

Shortly later, he invented the phonograph. Then he invented one thing, without which, this blog post could not be published. You have only to reach out your hand and turn a switch, and the room in which you are will be flooded with light. He, the wizard of Menlo Park, THOMAS ALVA EDISON.
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