We entered an antique shop at Jonker Walk, and we saw an old grandfather's clock.

The Face was red, as the Hands were held up while the Weights and the Wheels looked at one another angrily.

The age of the Pendulum told us, it went tick-tock for decades to near a century or more perhaps, but was tired of tick-tocking.

Soon, the helper came down through the spiral staircase of the peranakan taste, to see what we are looking at. The helper said, "Would you believe it ? My watch gained an hour today !" But then, we realized that in a year, the Pendulum has done 13,409,600 wags - half ticks, half tocks.

So, the helper, opened the dark closet, grabbed the key and did some winding to the coil spring. Immediately, the Pendulum, the Weights, the Wheels, the Minute-hand and the Hour-hand get back to work.

Old but still strong, the Face become charming again.

An antique old grandfather's clock. Jonker Walk. Malacca.
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