The Long and Thin Country

Usually when things are thin, it looks long.

Of late, there are frequent floods and tsunamis. Seemed that tsunamis is a new phenomena but the so-called tidal waves is not new to planet Earth.

Towering walls of water raced across the Pacific to lash at Japan after a series of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in Chile, late May, 1960.

Up north, the Atacama Desert is dry but with enough water to supply cactus standing in the reddish landscape. Contrary to this place, the southern province of Chile, is a country of woods, glaciers, lakes and volcano with heavy rains.

Chile is the longest and narrowest country in the world. Chile Tourism.

The distance from Timbuktu in Africa to Scandinavia is equal to the length of Chile. Magellan was the first European to reach the Chilean shores. The hospitality of the Chileans is sincere, and strangers are greeted with warm, open smiles. Chile is progressive.
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