Lim Goh Tong

A humble man, he was happiest living and working quietly. He shied away from anything that puts him in the limelight.

His name is synonymous with Genting.

He developed Genting Sempah into a holiday resort by starting to build a road up the Gunung Ulu Kali. Tough, when it began, but he believed in going step by step, slowly but surely.

"Plant a wutong tree to attract a pheonix." is an auspicious saying as the legendary king of birds would roost only on wutong tress. Goh Tong is a Fujian dialect that carry the meaning of parasol tree, in Chinese.

Get the book, My Story LIM GOH TONG.
* Beginnings
*The Formative Years Of Business
*My Wife, My Family
*Mining Ventures: Seizing Opportunites
*Building  A Name As A Contractor
*The Kemubu Scheme: Brink Of Bankruptcy
*Development Of Genting Highlands: Labour Of Love
*Resort Infrastructure And Beyond
*Genting And The Tourism Industry
*Medical Crises In My Life
*Moving On

On 31 December 2003, Genting Berhad's Tun Hanif Omar launched My Story.

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