Awe-inspiring power

King Xuan asked his ministers, "I have heard that the rulers of the states in the north are very afraid of my general, Zhao Xi-xu. Why is this so ?"

Jiang Yi said, "If your Majesty pleases, let me explain with a fable. While hunting for food, a tiger caught a fox. The fox told the tiger not to eat him. The fox made the tiger realized that Heaven sent him as the leader of all creatures. The tiger would be defying the Heaven, to eat the fox. The fox proved to the tiger that he is the leader of all creatures by asking the tiger to walk behind him. The tiger saw that all creatures in front the fox ran away."

Jiang Yi continued, "Your Majesty rules over a territory of 5000 miles in radius with an army of 1 million strong soldiers. Zhao Xi-xu is commanding your Majesty's army, and likewise, the states in the north are actually afraid of the powerful military might King Xuan."

The saying "The fox which assumes the awe-inspiring power of a tiger" means the assumption of external power to over-awe others." Isn't awesome !
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