Crossroads of Central Asia

Situated in the heart of Asia, Afghanistan is landlocked by Iran on the west, China on the northeast, Soviet Union on the north, the Indian subcontinent on the south and east.

A historic city greets the tourists at each of the four gateways to Afghanistan.

"To catch a calf" is a game they play, the horsemen play in groups so big so much so as the 'thunder of hoofs'. On map, Afghanistan looks like a tortoise with an outstretched neck. In the time before now, it is common to see houses with towers called qalas. Afghans are made up of a varity of peoples namely the Tajik, the Uzbek, the Pashtun, and the Hazara. Hazaras are descendent of the fierce Mongols.

Near the Khyber Pass, there were road signs to steers automotive and caravan traffic apart.

One of the many excellently beautiful architectural structures found in Afghanistan is the Chief Mosque.

Today, there are motor road that winds through the rugged Khyber Pass, where once only caravans trod.

The crossroads of central Asia. AFGHANISTAN.
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