Nature's Jewel

Danum Valley is one of the nature's jewel, sprawling on a 438 square kilometer of undisturbed land.

Danum Valley is generally hilly and its highest point is Mount Danum which is 3585 feet in height.

Danum Valley is located in Sabah, a place very rich in nature. Some of Sabah's historical places are Agnes Keith House, Atkinson Clock Tower, Double Six Monument, Kundasang War Memorial, St. Michael's and All Angels Church.

A stay at Sabah's longhouses can provide you an unique experience of this best of Borneo.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau onced said, "I have seen other places like Sipidan 45 years ago. Now we have found again an untouched piece of art."

Sabahans prefer to call Kota Kinabalu as KK. However, Kinabalu, if seperated mean Kina and Balu. Kina means the Chinese. And Balu means the Widow. It is about a Chinese prince seeking a huge pearl rested on top of the mountain and guarded by dragons. Later he got the pearl and married a local Kadazan, but he went back to China and the deserted wife wandered in the mountain and turned into a stone. Kinabalu is a mystery and a myth.


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