The Eng Choon Communal Riitual Tomb

The symbolic tomb was erected by the Eng Choon Community in the year 1873 for various ritualistic ceremonies. It occupy a site of over 20,000 square feet on the Chinese Hill.

The Eng Choon Association owns this site. According the records of 1875, the then association president was Tan Beng Swee whose father, Kim Seng, younger brother Beng Ngan and son Jiok Huay were successively the president of the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple or the Temple of the Green Cloud.

Beside serving their community, they also contributed meritorious services to the society and the government.

The plague, erected on the occasion of the renovation and the beautification of the site and the symbolic tomb, serves not only as a record but also as a commemoration of their esteemed forefathers whose distingiushed services deserved their reverence and emulation.

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