Story: Beauty and the Beast

A rich merchant had 3 daughters. Among the three, the youngest girl was sweet and so lovely that she was called Beauty.

Came a day, the merchant lost nearly all his wealth. He was offered a job at a distant town. Beauty asked for a beautiful rose while the other two sisters asked for expensive gifts, when their father told them he would bring them something when he returned.

He got lost in his journey but later reached a castle. When he woke up the next morning, an ugly man appeared after he cut a lovely bud in the garden. The ugly man was angry but forgive the poor man on the condition that he must return to the castle with Beauty.

Beauty stayed in the castle while her father was allowed to go home. After some time, the Beast encouraged Beauty to take the magic ring and go home to see her father who was ill. Her father got well, and she was so happy that she forgot about her promise to return to the Beast.

When the Beast was about to die, Beauty cried out, "You must not die ! I will marry you." After Beauty said that, the spell of a wicked fairy ended and the Beast turned into a young and handsome prince.


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