Story: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

China is the place where a tailor named Mustapha once lived.

His son, Aladdin met an African magician when he was in the market-place and the magician followed him to his home. The magician claimed that he is the brother of Aladdin's father, Mustapha.

When Aladdin's mother, Fatima listened to the magician's promise of kindness to her son, her suspicions vanished.

The next day, Aladdin and the magician reached a place between two mountains divided by
a narrow valley. At that place, when a heap of dried sticks were in a blaze, the magician threw in some incense and uttered some magic words.

A dense smoke arose and the ground shook under their feet. When the earth opened before them, the magician asked Aladdin to get the treasure under a stone. Aladdin descended through the steps to the garden of fruit trees and found a lighted lamp.

When Aladdin refused to give the lamp to the magician, the raged magician said two magic words and the stone moved back into place, trapping Aladdin under the earth.

Aladdin rubbed the lamp and an enormous genie appeared. The genie helped Aladdin to rise above the ground and Aladdin become the master of the genie.


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