You've missed this

Existed since the late 19th century, one of the oldest street dances is traditional jazz. Originated from Melaka, the Malay traditional dances are taking the streets.

You have missed the joget street dances last Saturday, when Melaka paraded her heritage. So far, I have witnessed last and this year parades though it has been going on for awhile.

You are able to see the traditional costumes of Melaka in this parade that will take place once a year. By next around this time, the festival will take place and you could plan your holiday from now.

A multiracial society, Melaka folks enjoy each other communities' festive customs and events.

This dancers were so swift in the moves and the crowd gave them a big applause.

Remember to witness this event next year.

Ten of thousands of people were on the streets where the parade floats, and performers path their way to the Spices Garden, a very important point that shall see the next exciting phase of the Sungai Melaka.

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