Sungai Melaka | More Fun. More Joy.

About two weeks ago, I'd a wonderful time roaming Sungai Melaka lengthwise from the river mouth to the
Spices Garden.

It was an awesome evening full of colors and activities. At the Dataran Sungai Melaka, there was a live performance taking place, while on the river, there were many decorated boat floats, all lighted up to the public audiences. A Deputy Minister from the Federal Territory, officiated the International Festive Of Melaka River for 2014 and he said, "Melawat Melaka Bererti Melawat Malaysia". He further added, "If a visitor to Melaka does not cruise the heritage river, his visit is not complete."

The Melaka River has a timeline to tell the visitor about the founding of Melaka. Melaka began as a fishing village. Not long later, a prince by the name of Parameswara, named the village as Melaka as he witnessed a strange happening while resting below the Melaka tree.

As Melaka grow to a mighty empire during the Sultanate Of Melaka, the river served to welcome the Portuguese, the Chinese Imperial visitors, and so on.

With such visitors who sailed from the Straits Of Melaka into the river is not something common today as these visitors were world famous admiral who represented their countries to discover more about Melaka.

It is only if you cruise the river by yourself that you would realize the historical timeline of Melaka and consequently the Independence in 1957.

At present, countless of visitors have taken interests with the Melaka River on a 45 minutes cruises between the river mouth and the Spices Garden.

Soon, Melaka River of Sungai Melaka will give more historical timeline to you. Watch the above video to preview the fun and joy that you will have the next time you visit Melaka.

While in Melaka or anywhere in the world, you can share your fun and joy with your loved ones who do not follow you on your travel.

Send them personalized printed postcard here. Make your loved ones happy.

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