Endo Japan Thermal Magic Cooker

“ 10 minutes of cooking is all you need! ” Will this catch your attention, Mothers !.
If you children need to pack from home kitchen to the work place to cater for their lunch, this 1.5 liter is waiting for you.

It has two inner pots for containing two dishes. Not only it is easy to open and close, it too has a secure locking feature. Not only convenient to use at home, it is also portable to bring outdoor. It keeps food warm for six to eight hours and therefore it is a energy-saving pot.

A creative and innovative method, it uses Heat Retention Technology to do the cooking, the food inside will not be overcooked.

Magic save time and efforts and it cooks by itself after stove cooking of 10 minutes. No further attention is required and no need to worry about spilling, or boiling dry.

To serve to families who eat at different times, this Magic retain the original full flavor and nutrients of the food since no evaporation allowed and the loss of water is minimized..

Shop for one today at the Parkson Grand, Mahkota Parade, Melaka.
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